« During the past 20 years, Elisabeth Daynès has sculpted the greatest figures of history and prehistory. These renowned hominids died in Africa, in Asia and in Europe hundreds of thousands years ago. But they all had re-born in Belleville, in a hidden workshop at the back of a paved courtyard. This is a place where noise suddenly stops and time goes back to witness old Toumaï (7 millions seasons), Lucy (3 million years and more), Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon … and their family. Through outstanding art, rigorous science and extreme patience, Elisabeth Daynés became the leading expert in this uncommon art of paleo-anthropological reconstruction.»


« Our ancestors had a name; they now have a face.»

Le Monde

« A sculptress brings our ancestors back to life. (.) Elisabeth Daynès reconstructs the faces and the bodies of hominids that are sometimes several millions years old. By combining technique and science, the artist reaches outstanding results. … »

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