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Source : GyeongGi Cultural Foundation

This museum will develop into the world-class prehistoric heritage museum through the understanding of East Asia's prehistoric culture, as well as the preservation, research, and investigation of heritage.

Jeongok Prehistory Museum was built at Jeongok, a prehistoric relic site where an Acheulean hand axe was discovered for the first time in East Asia. The building of the museum, which was named as "The door to the prehistoric age", will play a central role for the cultural tourism of the Northern Gyeonggi area in harmony with the Hantangang River. This is a perfect archeological learning place where visitors can experience the great evolutionary trace of humanity through the model of human bone fossils and the reproduction of cave paintings, which shows the evolutionary process of humanity and the natural history of the Chugaryeong Hill area, focusing on the prehistoric relics excavated from Jeongok. Additionally, this museum offers various experience programs such as children's cave painting activities, archeological experiences, and a time passport issuance experience program which allows children to travel to the world outside the classroom with their wings of dream and hope.

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Great march to human evolution


Jeongok Prehistory Museum, Jeongok – South Korea


Starting on May 05, 2011

Monday to Sunday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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