All our miniatures are available by Bone Clones.

The use of CT scan technique makes each bust of the collection the exact reduction of the real scale hominid sculpture. Each real scale hominid reconstruction is cranium-based and has been validated by anthropologists and members of the scientific community. These exclusive hominid reconstructions based on specific fossils are not stereotypes but real specific individuals.

The miniature busts vary in size from 6 cm (2.35 inches) to 9.5 cm (3.75 inches) depending on their original size. They are in polyurethane resin with a bronze finish and are manufactured to very high quality and high detail standards.

The miniature busts are presented in a box with an educative leaflet enclosed, detailing ID, name, prehistoric family, age, and place of discovery.

Each item weights between 100 grams (3.5 ounces) and 280 grams (9.8 ounces), packaging excluded.


Our customers are:

- Museum shops,

- Paleoanthropologists and professors,

- Museums & Institutions for business and partners gifts,

- Exhibition & Conference organiser (as present in convention tote bags or for students’ prize),

- Diverse institutions for prizes, etc.

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