DAYNèS 11/2007

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Twenty-first-century humans have major challenges ahead: the origin of the universe, life on Earth, and their own emergence. In the quest for origins, Elisabeth Daynès occupies the special place of an internationally renowned paleoartist passionately engaged in a unique work: reconstructing hominids who were our distant cousins or our ancestors, from thousands of years old, sometimes fragmented remains of bones. The most eminent scientists share their precious knowledge with her; and thanks to new technologies, Elisabeth Daynès has access to exceptional tools in terms of computer-aided imaging and design.
Her work involves scientific research and technologic innovations as well as an artistic approach, thus making a wide audience aware of the synthesis of current knowledge on the evolution of mankind. Each reconstruction is a theory at a specific moment, creating an unexpected encounter between the public and beings from the past, and making us feel an emotion that brings a reflection on our origins.
Elisabeth Daynès thus participates in rehabilitating prehistoric humans, too often associated with brutality, and shows the image of a different humanity to us.


Preface : Yves Coppens
Texts : I.Tattershall, J.Krause, Y.Rak, J.Wagensberg, N.Jablowski, E.Azoulay, J-N.Vignal, E.Daynès, F.Saint-Genez, B.Maureille 
Photographies : Philippe Plailly, Sébastien Plailly, Elisabeth Daynès, Sylvain Entressangle
Pages: 156 
Size : 240 x 320 mm - hardback
Language: French/English
Price : 30 euros
ISBN : 978-2-916373-44-7
Release: October 2011
Publishing house: I.A.C. Editions d'Art

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Rediscovered identities - The reconstructive Art of Elisabeth Daynès

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